Tools We Don’t Seem to Use In Business Anymore

Tools We Don’t Seem to Use In Business Anymore

When you think of tools not used in business anymore, you may think of typewriters, adding machines, bells over front doors and even fax machines. There are some other tools we can lose sight of, however, that we may forget to use as often as perhaps we should. Here are a few.

Common Sense

It may not happen in your business, but it certainly is seen in others. The lack of common sense can be frustrating. A company letting their best salesperson go because he or she is making too much money. Charging 50 cents for some extra sour cream on a $25 meal. Putting political programming on a TV in a waiting area. Even with so many restrictions and fine print on a coupon or discount program, to make it a dis-incentive.


Nobody expects you to take potatoes instead of cash for payment or to start tabs for every customer who may be a little short, but more businesses could use a bit more compassion. If a client is clearly on a tight budget, look for less expensive alternatives. Perhaps you have scratch and dent items or returns that may help. Look up from the cash register and you may see something else the customer needs.


There is a reason why bartenders and waitresses try to remember the names of their good customers. It impacts their bottom line. People are so used to being treated like a number, even a small amount of friendliness and a smile can set a business apart. People are giving you their hard-earned money for your products or services. That should make you happy…and friendlier.


Referrals have long been a tool in building businesses, but it is a tool that is often forgotten. If a customer is happy, they should have no problem sharing their experience on social media or review websites. They may even give you the names of potential customers. We all know word of mouth advertising is effective, we just sometimes forget to use it.

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