Common Causes of Traffic Accidents

Common Causes of Traffic Accidents

If you’ve noticed a recent increase in price for your auto insurance, don’t be alarmed. There is a reasonable explanation.

Insurance companies provide financial protection for you, me, and everyone else. Factors that go into pricing your insurance are evolving along with the economy and technology. Modern day society is rapidly changing.

One reason that insurance companies have had to increase premium costs for auto insurance is that the frequency of traffic accidents has been on the rise. According to the World Health Organization, there are roughly 50 million injuries sustained from car accidents annually, and about 1.35 million deaths.

As technology advances, we see the results everywhere–there are now computers that operate our cars! These computers are much more complex systems that require costly repairs if a malfunction occurs.

More frequent accidents along with more costly repairs are leaving insurance companies without a choice. Insurance companies must generate enough revenue to continue to provide financial protection for everyone.

The following is a list of the most common causes of traffic accidents. Becoming aware of these may help you to prevent a collision with another vehicle.

● Distracted driving. This cause of traffic accidents is also increasing as technology advances. Most people have a cell phone nowadays. Multitasking is not a human’s best friend. When you’re driving, do yourself and everyone else a favor by keeping your eyes on the road. Please!

● Speeding. The speed limits are not a suggestion; they are a LAW. When you are on the road, please do not speed and swerve through traffic. You are not in the Batmobile, or on a high-speed police chase. You are driving amongst families and children. Be safe.

● Drunk driving. Common sense says you do not drive while you are impaired. Drunk people tend to lose their common sense as the liquor hits them. While you may never drive drunk, if you noticed another drunk driver on the road, please alert the police as soon as you can.

● Reckless driving. Avoid tailgating and changing lanes quickly. Use your mirrors–always check the lanes around you before turning or changing lanes! Humans are creatures of habit–make safe driving a habit.

By: KayLynn P.

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