Unraveling the Fencing Conundrum: What You Need to Know for Fun and Insurance

Unraveling the Fencing Conundrum: What You Need to Know for Fun and Insurance

Fencing and homeowners’ insurance can be a puzzling combination for homeowners. Who actually owns the fence? Who’s responsible for repairs? Will insurance cover any damages? And are there regulations to consider? Let’s dive into these frequently asked questions about residential fencing.

  1. Fence Ownership: Whose Is It? If a particular type of fencing surrounds your property or backyard, chances are you’re the proud owner. However, if the fence matches your neighbor’s, it’s likely their responsibility. To determine ownership, a survey can be your best friend.
  2. Surveying the Scene: Newer neighborhoods may have property line surveys on file with the county. If not, investing a few hundred dollars in a survey can clarify the boundaries. Surveyors mark corner points with steel pins, and a simple string or chalk line between them reveals your property line. If the fence is on your side, it’s yours. If it’s on the line, ownership can be determined by occupancy or the property’s maintenance.
  3. Insurance and Fence Damage: When it comes to homeowners’ insurance, your fence is usually covered under the “other structures” provision, as long as the damage is caused by a covered peril. Wind damage or a fallen tree would likely qualify, but overgrown landscaping or a rogue riding mower might not.
  4. Fencing Regulations: Know the Rules: Many communities, especially homeowners’ associations, have regulations on fence size and materials. Before embarking on a fencing project, it’s wise to check with your county or HOA to ensure compliance.
  5. Insurance Savings? Get a Quote! Are you paying too much for homeowners’ insurance? It’s worth finding out! Reach out to one of our independent agents for a no-obligation quote and potentially save some bucks.

So, whether you’re untangling fence ownership mysteries or exploring insurance coverage, understanding the ins and outs of residential fencing can bring both fun and peace of mind.

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