Sweet Facts About Candy

Sweet Facts About Candy

Do you know what is the best-selling candy bar in the United States? What about the world? How does your favorite candy ranked among the world’s favorites? Here are some candy facts you may enjoy chewing on.


Let’s end the suspense at the outset. The best-selling candy bar not only in the U.S. but the world is the Snickers bar, made by Mars. The candy company, however, was not named after the planet, but was the name of its founding family. The candy bar was named after the Mars’ family’s favorite pet horse, Snickers. Whoa, betcha didn’t know that.

What About Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups?

While Reese’s may be second on the sales list, according to a 2019 Monmouth University study, the chocolate/peanut butter combo is actually named as America’s favorite. By the way, according to the Hershey company, the proper pronunciation of the peanut butter cup is “Rees-IS”, not Rees-EES”. Pass it on.

Alright, What About M&M’s?

M&M’s are both third on the sales list on the Monmouth University’s favorites list, making them the undisputed bronze medal winner. Do you know, however, what the M&M stands for in the name? Stay tuned.

Something for the Haters

What about the candies we love to hate? There are many “lists” on the subject, but it would appear that candies appearing frequently on the “hated lust include:

  • Circus Peanuts
  • Candy Corn
  • Black Licorice
  • Good & Plenty (You can’t disguise the taste of licorice by coating it in something else)
  • Peeps
  • Necco Wafers

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By the way M&M stands for Mars and Murrie, the original stakeholders in the candy. When it comes to candy, you are now one of the Smarties!

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