Boys and Grills. Cooking Safer Outside.

Boys and Grills. Cooking Safer Outside.

Some men take grilling outdoors very seriously. They are particular about the grill they use, the foods they cook and may even have their own sauces and recipes. For these professors of the propane and chiefs of the charcoal, grilling is not a chore. It is a mission. But even professional race car drivers need to be cautious on the roadways. So too must these gurus of the grill employ safe outdoor cooking practices. Here are a few to keep in mind.

Keep Your Grill Clean

Cleaning your grill after every use removes potentially harmful bits of food and charred material from transferring to your next meal. It can also limit flare-ups.

Keep Cold Food Cold

Foods, especially mayonnaise-based salads, can quickly turn bad in the summer heat. Keep salads cold and pork and chicken cool until ready to grill.

Avoid Using Marinades for Basting

It can be tempting to use the liquid that meats have been marinating in to baste them while cooking but they can carry harmful bacteria. If you do use the liquids, do so early and fully cook the meat.

Only Grill in Open Spaces

Only grill outdoors and keep the grill away from structures and flammable material. Never leave a lit grill unattended.

Use a Meat Thermometer

Purchase and use a meat thermometer to make sure foods are cooked safely. Depending on the type of meat, interior temps should range from 145-165 degrees.

Only Use Appropriate Grilling Tools

When grilling outside, only use long-handled grill tools designed for the task at hand. This can keep you from burning your hands and can help keep you a safe distance from the heat source.

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