Church Insurance: Are You Covered Properly?

Church Insurance: Are You Covered Properly?

A church can be a building or a group. Either way, like any other building or group, it needs to be protected by the appropriate type of insurance. We don’t often tend to think of churches in this way, but when you consider all the activities and potential liability a church can face, you begin to recognize the importance of church insurance.

Let’s first take a look at the physical building. It isn’t pleasant to consider but like any physical structure, a church can be subject to vandalism or burglary. Like other buildings a church too, ironically, is subject to acts of God like lightning, high winds, flooding, fire and more. There are liability issues with a building including slip and falls or other injuries that could take place on church property. A church also likely has employees it may have to take responsibility for.

The bigger risk, however, may be in all the church-sanctioned and promoted events. While well-intentioned, everything from a church bake sale to a church carnival carries risks. Church and sponsored church groups often involve a lot of people in a variety of events on church grounds and elsewhere. They may participate in or operate food drives and pantries, conduct bingo games, have church sponsored tours and trips and perhaps even pot-lucks. This doesn’t even include the number of church services, bible studies or outreach activities.

Churches may have other assets including a rectory, church van, pre-school or even a radio station. The point is many don’t fully appreciate how involved churches can be in their community, and the many ways they can be exposed to financial losses from liability claims.

Even if a church has some basic church insurance coverage, it may not be sufficient or may not cover every activity or asset. This is why it is so important an agent be contacted when a church considers acquiring a physical asset or conducting an event or activity.

Whether yours is a large or small church, it is prudent to make sure it has appropriate coverage. We can help. Contact us to get started. We’ll learn more about your building and the activities of your organization. We’ll review your current coverage. Finally, we’ll build and quote a policy to protect the interests of your organization.

Be Confidently Insured.


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