Why Renters Insurance Is Important

Why Renters Insurance Is Important

Many choose to rent the place where they live because it is more convenient or less expensive, or perhaps they just need more time to save to purchase a home. In many cases, renting is a lifestyle choice. In others situations, renters just don’t want the responsibility of ownership. Some older Americans rent to downsize when retiring.

Whatever the reason you have chosen to rent, you should know that you are still at risk of some of the same unfortunate circumstances that homeowners are. You could have property stolen or lose your belongings in a fire. A delivery person or friend could injure themselves while at your home making you potentially liable for a liability claim.

If you rent, you should understand, in many cases, you are at higher risk of a loss than a homeowner. Often times rental properties are in less secure neighborhoods where neighbors transition in an out. They may not look out for each other as homeowners may.

Yet, even with higher risks, renters still have visitors, deliveries made, and they own valuables. All of which can carry a risk of financial loss.
The good news is that renters’ insurance is very affordable, much more so than homeowners insurance. Renters insurance can also come with additional benefits like covering your belongings while you travel.

The bottom line is pretty simple. If you rent, you should look into renters insurance. If you think your landlord’s insurance will cover your expenses in a loss, you may be making a big mistake. Sure, your landlord likely has insurance, but only to cover his property and interests, not yours. In fact, many landlords now require their tenants to have renters insurance.

Look, if you rent because it is easier, less expensive, or you don’t want the hassles of homeownership, we get it. But at least take a few minutes to learn how renters insurance can help protect you.

Contact one of our independent insurance today for a no obligation price quote. We think you’ll be pleased with how affordable renters’ insurance can be.

Be Confidently Insured.


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