Car Insurance Add-On’s You May Want to Consider

Car Insurance Add-On’s You May Want to Consider

We fully understand that it is the intent of many people to find the least expensive auto insurance possible. They just want to meet state minimum standards with no add-ons just so they can meet legal requirements. This may be prompted, in part, by a fear of being sold something they don’t need. If you are just purchasing automobile insurance at state minimum levels, however, you may be putting yourself at financial risk, and not taking advantage of protection that may be both valuable and affordable. Here are some things to consider.

State Minimums are Minimal

You should first understand that minium standards will meet legal requirements but not likely provide sufficient protection even for modest incidents. You should also keep in mind costs increase, but minimum standards do not. If you have any significant financial resources, invest in higher than minium coverage.

Uninsured and Under-insured Driver Coverage

A few states actually require this coverage, for good reason. Odds are greater than 1 in 8 that you will be involved in an accident with someone without insurance. This is an affordable addition to your car insurance protection.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

This is required in some states, especially those with no-fault insurance. It is vital if you don’t have health insurance or insufficient health insurance.

Roadside Assistance

It is reassuring knowing if something should happen to your vehicle while traveling, you can call professional roadside assistance to help. This is an extremely affordable option if not already included in your auto insurance policy.

Car Rental or Replacement Coverage

Getting a car repair can take weeks depending on how severe the damage is. Having your insurance company pay for a rental car while it is in the shop can not only be convenient, but save you significantly. Again, it can be added to most car insurance policies at minimal expense.

If you are looking for inexpensive car insurance, we understand. But you may be missing out on some valuable additional coverage at affordable pricing. Contact one of our independent insurance agents today for a quote you can live with.

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