Is Waxing a Car Still a Thing?

Is Waxing a Car Still a Thing?

This may sound odd to a younger generation who may view “waxing” in a different context, but there was a time when waxing a car was a routine weekend task. Owners would wash and then wax their cars, often under a shade tree. The wax itself, either is a paste or liquid form, would be applied with a slightly damp cloth or applicator. Once it dried to a thin film, it was buffed off with a clean, dry cloth leaving behind a bright and shiny surface. There was a certain satisfaction in bonding with your car by waxing it, and not in a creepy way.

Waxing was a way of protecting a car’s finish while adding a nice sheen. It was often viewed as part of a car’s routine maintenance and extended the lifespan of the body, preventing rust, oxidation and even small scratches. Modern automotive painting processes and technologically advanced clear coats, however, offer more protection than previously available. Has this made waxing obsolete? Is waxing a car still a thing?

While waxing a car is less critical now than decades ago, it still provides value. It can offer an additional layer of protection even for a clear coat, minimizing small scratches. It also still adds a shine to a car’s clear coat. Perhaps just as importantly, it still delivers what some see as a rewarding and relaxing experience.

Is waxing a car critical? Probably not. But if you used to find it enjoyable, there’s no reason not to do it. It can be a good excuse to get out of the house and even get some exercise.

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