The Critical Importance of Your Roofing System

The Critical Importance of Your Roofing System

In its simplest terms, your roof is the “hat” of your home. It is easy to view it as a way to keep the weather out of your home. But a roof is far more complex than just protection from rain and the elements. Your roof is actually a part of a more complex system. You may never view your roof quite the same way again.

Protection from Moisture
This is perhaps the most visible and appreciated aspect of a roof. It protects you and your belongings from rain, snow and ice. It does so without as much as a second thought.

Provides Protection from Sunlight
Shingles help absorb the sunlight and the heat it generates. The sun is one of the major factors homeowners face in roofing deterioration, especially in the south.

Plumbing, Appliance and Chimney Ventilation
Roofing facilitates plumbing ventilation, so plumbing drains properly and often vents appliances like water heaters. For homes with fireplaces, roofs frequently serve as the venting point.

The pitch or roof angle must be sufficient to drain water away. Most roofs have at least one channel that funnels water down from more than one surface. This water is often guided into gutters that direct the water to downspouts. The downspouts help direct the water away from the home, protecting the foundation. It all started at the roof.

Insulation-Air Ventilation
Your roofing system also serves to insulate your home, and because hot air rises, is used to vent heated air outside the home in hot weather.

Beauty and Value
Due to its large square footage and replacement costs, roofs can add significant value and beauty to a home. Today there are more roofing options than ever!

Inspect your roof regularly, looking for uneven areas and replace missing shingles immediately. Keep tree limbs off and back away from your roof. A well-maintained roof can last for approximately 25 years.
The age and condition of a roof can significantly impact a homeowner’s ability to secure homeowners insurance and the price they may pay. If you have questions about your homeowners insurance, we invite you to contact us. Allow our independent agents to search for viable options for you!

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